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Tax – Accounting

We prepare accounting by applying legal norms and accounting principles that lead us to express a true reflection of the company’s assets and financial situation in the annual accounts.

We manage taxes punctually and efficiently, adapting to each type of business. The tax advice and management for companies and individuals is one of our main specialties, to which we dedicate first-rate human and material resources, so we can guarantee an excellent consultancy service.

  • Advisement and study of the most suitable Tax Fiscal Regime.
  • Preparation of quarterly, monthly, and annual declarations.
  • Study and preparation of Annual Summaries.
  • Study and preparation of Corporate Tax.
  • Study and preparation of Non-Resident Tax.
  • Study and preparation of Annual Accounts.
  • Study and preparation of Inheritance and Donation Tax Declaration.
  • Study and preparation of Property Transfer Tax and Legal Acts related to Successions and Donations.
  • Representation and assistance in Tax office Inspections and Conselleria.
  • Study and preparation of all types of resources and requirements.
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Asetec responds to all problems and situations that arise in the labor field. We provide you with a competent team that incorporates the constantly appearing regulations, with highly professional treatment of this sensitive area for the company. Our objective is to respond to all the problems and situations that arise in the labor field.

  • Payrolls and Social Security Bulletins.
  • Contracts and extensions.
  • Company certificates, unemployment, and withholdings.
  • Labor inspections.
  • Spanish and foreign retirement pensions.
  • Disability, widowhood pensions.
  • Unemployment benefits, subsidies, Lump sum payments.
  • Maternity benefits.
  • Claims before the Social Security and SEPE.
  • Legal advice and defense in case of labor conflicts.
  • Assistance and representation before the SMAC.
  • Bulletins of registration and cancellation with the INSS
  • Preparation and presentation of job offers at the Public Employment Service (INEM).
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In the mercantile field, we dedicate ourselves to facilitating and expediting all processes related to business management.

  • Company formation.
  • Assistance in statutory modifications, appointment of administrators, change of registered office...
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses and permits.
  • Advisement in dissolution and liquidation processes.
  • Management of procedures before Registers, Notaries, Land Registry, and Public Administrations.

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