Personal and business finance

Financial advice

fiscalycontabilidadWe’ll manage all your tax issues in a timely manner, for all company structures. Financial management and consultancy is our speciality and one to which we dedicate best in class resources. We guarantee a first class service and advice.

Accountancy advice

Our accountancy services will give you a clear and faithful snapshot of your assets and the financial position of your business. We’ll provide you with an accurate tool to manage and control your business with confidence.

Trust in Asetec for all your company’s needs.

We’ll advise you in all financial and business matters with all the legal implications involved whether they be administrative, penal or civil. We work closely with a team of lawyers specialised in business law and can offer you legal and judicial consultancy for your business or personal needs.

All areas of your business are ultimately interrelated. Asetec calling on internal resources or our business partners, can offer you an integrated service that encompasses your entire business. Trust in us for a holistice service for both your business and personal needs.